10 Easy House Cleaning Tips for Seniors


10 Easy House Cleaning Tips for Seniors

By : angelina
House cleaning is challenging for seniors due to physical limitations or health issues. It can be overwhelming and daunting when you don’t have the same energy or motivation to clean your home like earlier. It can lead to your home falling into despair and become dirty.

However, maintaining routine household hygiene is necessary to remain healthy. Infectious diseases can make you fall sick repeatedly when your house is ridden with dust and germs. Elderly people are more at risk of contracting these diseases due to a weaker immune system. You can hire a professional house cleaning Ipswich to ensure your home is clean and healthy at all times.

But, if you want to keep your home sanitary yourself, keep the following 10 easy house cleaning tips in mind. Have a look.

1. Perform One Task At A Time In The Whole House

Performing one task in the entire house before starting another is a great way to save time, energy and cleaning supplies. It ensures you can complete the task at hand and not restart the task every time you move to a new area. Thus, if you are dusting, do it in all the rooms before you move to vacuuming, sweeping the floors or any other house cleaning chore.

2. Create a House Cleaning Schedule

Understanding which cleaning tasks are important and urgent is crucial to keep your surroundings neat and germ-free. Therefore, you must have a cleaning schedule outlining tasks that are necessary and should be your top priority to complete. These tasks include washing the dishes, doing a load of laundry, sweeping and mopping the floor, vacuuming carpets and more.

3. Take Our Trash Daily & Declutter Routinely

Trash around the house and in the garbage bins attracts pests and germs. Therefore, develop the habit of picking up left over foods, wrappers, paper clutter and other trash in your house and throw out the trash daily.

Moreover, living in squalor is a common issue among elderly people. It increases risk of serious injuries like falls, fractures and more. Therefore, keep decluttering by removing old, broken and unwanted items from your home and maintaining space.

4. Complete Small Tasks & Take Breaks

Managing multiple house cleaning tasks in one go is challenging for elderly people. Therefore, divide large tasks into smaller accomplishable chores and do them one by one. Additionally, rest to catch your breath and also stay hydrated. If you are tired, don’t hesitate to take a break. It will help you regain strength and complete tasks without getting overtired.

5. Move Top To Bottom While Cleaning

Whether you are dusting, vacuuming, cleaning windows or doing any other house cleaning chore, develop the habit of moving top to bottom. It helps prevent contaminants from falling on cleaned areas and you can save time.

6. Use Magic Erasers

Magic erasers are melamine foam cleaners that can tackle most types of stains and grime from almost any surface. Use them to remove scuff marks, hard water stains, dirt patches and much more. All you need is water to activate these cleaners and sanitise anytime, which is why they are often used for house or bond cleaning in Ipswich.

7. Create a simple cleaning caddy

To clean messes, spills and quickly, have a cleaning caddy on hand at all times. It helps save time and also motivates you to tidy areas fast. Your cleaning caddy must have microfiber cleaning products, a multipurpose cleaner, wipes, and a disinfectant. Make sure the cleaning tools are lightweight and user-friendly to clean accessible as well as hard to reach places without hassle.

8. Invest in a robotic vacuum cleaner

Whether you have hard floors or carpets, sanitising them every day can be challenging. Thus, to eliminate this issue, get a robotic vacuum cleaner that cleans your floors automatically. You can schedule the equipment to vacuum carpets or floors day or night as per requirement. This tool especially comes in handy when you have pets or a health condition that prevents you from bending or walking.

9. Take Professional Help

Deep cleaning tasks are time-consuming and challenging, which is why delegating them to professionals with expertise, experience, and training is a practical solution. Reputed house cleaning companies in Ipswich offer daily, weekly and monthly services for maintaining residential properties. You can book a service to ensure a senior’s home remains clean and organised at all times.

10. Ask Near & Dear Ones For Help

Helping a senior keep their home neat and tidy alone is difficult because you can have work and other responsibilities to manage. To avoid burnout, don’t hesitate to ask near and dear ones of your elderly to help with cleaning chores. You can have a family discussion to divide tasks and manage them as per availability of time.

Wrapping Up

Older people often lack the motivation, strength or energy to keep their surroundings neat and clean. Most need assistance with cleaning chores and if you have an elderly in your life that needs it, use the tips shared above to help seniors keep their homes clean.

However, if the older person is ending a tenancy, book reliable end of lease cleaners to manage the extensive task of deep cleaning the rental premises and move out successfully.