10 Useful Tips When Vacating Your Rental Property


10 Useful Tips When Vacating Your Rental Property

By : angelina
Are you planning on moving out of your current property soon? Vacating a home involves a lot of time and energy as you pack and move all your belongings.

Besides this, you also have to clean and tidy up your apartment to pass your landlord’s inspection and get your security deposit back.

In Ipswich, if your rent is more than 700$ or less, you must pay a security deposit of no more than 4 weeks’ worth of rent. Thus you must ensure you follow all the rules of your tenancy and keep your home spotless to get this bond back.

You can also hire specialised services like bond cleaning Ipswich professionals who are experts in end-of-lease cleaning. Here are some useful tips to help you avoid any stress while vacating your property and get your bond back from your landlord: 

Tips When Vacating Your Residential Property 

Read The Lease Agreement Carefully

Your first step should be to read your tenancy agreement carefully and look for any details about the moving-out process. This agreement will outline the notice period you will have to serve, what terms you must complete before moving out and how your security deposit will be paid back to you.

Do A Walk-Through Of Your Home

Once you have carefully reviewed your lease agreement, you should do a walk-through of your home and inspect all the areas. You can also use your entry condition report while doing this, as it will tell you what condition your home was in before you moved in. This will give you an idea of which areas to concentrate on and create a scheduled cleaning checklist of tasks accordingly.


If you are hiring professional cleaners for an end-of-tenancy clean, here are some ways you can prep your home for these experts.

Remove Personal Items And Artefacts

Before you start cleaning your home, you must remove any personal items and belongings so your home is open for viewing. This will also help speed up your cleaning process as there will be fewer items to move around and clean. You should make the space neutral so your landlord can stage the home for new tenants.

Clean Each Corner Of Your Home Thoroughly

Next, you must use quality supplies to deep-clean each corner and crevice of your home and make it look exactly like when you moved in. Here are some important end-of-lease cleaning tasks you must carry out when vacating your property:

  • Wipe ceiling fans and light fixtures
  • Remove cobwebs and insect marks
  • Spot clean walls, baseboards and light switches
  • Clean drawers and cupboards
  • Remove dust specks from windows and mirrors
  • Vacuum dirt and stains off carpets
  • Mop and shine up your floors

You can also hire experienced bond cleaners in Ipswich who follow a certified checklist and will help you get your bond back.


Here is a complete end-of-tenancy bathroom cleaning guide.

Ensure Your Appliances Are Working Properly

When vacating your residential home, it is also necessary to check if all your appliances are working properly. You must check any appliances that were there when you moved in, like your washing machine, dishwasher, fridge and oven, to see if they are functioning well and are spotless.

Repair Damaged Areas And Faults

Another important task you must complete when moving homes is repairing damaged areas and faults. For instance, if the pipes and drainage in your home were working perfectly fine before you moved in but are now leaking and damaged, it is your responsibility to get this fixed. If you do not fix these damages on your own, your landlord can hold back a part of your bond as repair costs.

Pay Your Utility Bills On Time

Next, you should create a binder to manage all your bills and pay them on time when vacating your home. Keep any important receipts and slips of these payments and metre readings so that you have proof to show your landlord. You should also contact your utility suppliers, like electricity, gas and water companies and have them transfer or stop your connection.

Update Your Address And Forward Your Mail

Next, you must update and change your mailing address and forward it to your important contacts and service companies. Make sure you inform your bank, your credit card company, your subscriptions, as well as your friends and family about this updated address. You should also give your landlord a copy of your new address in case there are any dues left or issues to resolve.

Do A Final Inspection With Your Landlord

Once your dues are cleared and your address is updated, you should do a final inspection with your landlord. Make sure you have packed up and removed your personal belongings, and get rid of any extra items.

If your landlord is unhappy with your end-of-lease cleaning, you can hire professional bond cleaners in Ipswich to conduct a reclean and spruce up the mentioned areas. Once your landlord approves the end-of-tenancy cleaning, you can request your bond back and payment method.


Here are some of your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.

Hand Over The Keys And Bid Goodbye

Lastly, you must return your house keys to your landlord before vacating. If you have used your own lock and key, you can take it with you and inform your landlord to lock the home with their keys.

Your landlord might charge you for replacing the locks if you do not return your keys on time. Once the formalities are complete, you can bid your landlord and home goodbye and get set for a new journey. 


When vacating properties in Ipswich, you must leave on good terms and maintain friendly relations with your landlord. You should also deep-clean and maintain your property and restore it to its former condition to get your bond back. Make sure you pay your dues and hand over the keys well in time to move homes without any stress.