How to Clean Your Home After a Party


How to Clean Your Home After a Party

By : angelina
Nothing can be more distressful than sprucing up a house after hosting a successful party. From spilled drinks to a pile of dirty dishes in the sink or mess in the living room to nasty carpet stains, make sure you deal with all to ensure a clean and hygienic living environment.

However, clearing a house post-party can prevent the spread of lethal germs, bacteria and viruses- keeping your family safe and sound. This becomes even more imperative if you are at the end of your tenancy.

You can hire seasoned bond cleaners in Ipswich to pass the rental inspection and secure the full bond money.

But, if you want to clean up the mess after a party quickly, keep the following tips in mind and achieve shiny outcomes. Make sure you have all the necessary cleaning supplies and products to tackle stubborn stains and grime.

Let’s Get Started!

Post-Party Cleaning Checklist: Things to Clean Right Away

There are certain tasks to perform immediately after a party. This will make things easy and help you maintain a shiny abode.

1. Collect all the Trash

Grab a plastic garbage bag and collect all trash room by room. Make sure you collect everything from food crumbs to decoration pieces, plastic wrappers, to disposables. This will prevent pest infestation and help you maintain a clean abode.

2. Pack Leftovers ASAP

Never leave food outside your fridge to avoid wastage. This can also invite rodents and ants- which can lead to various health hazards. Instead, pack leftover food in air-tight containers and refrigerate them.

3. Load the Dishwasher with Dirty Dishes

Rather than piling up dirty dishes in the sink, load them in the dishwasher so that you can clean them the next morning. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink can harbour E. coli and other harmful germs that can cause food poisoning.

If you have time, wash your dishes in the dishwasher immediately.

4. Act on Carpet Spills Immediately

Spray white vinegar solution and spray it over the affected area and blot it with a clean microfiber cloth. This will prevent your delicate floor coverings from getting ruined.

A white vinegar solution can tackle wine, juice and other beverage spills without causing discolouration.

5. Wipe Down Kitchen Countertops

Make sure you wipe the kitchen countertops with a damp cloth on the same day after a party. This will save your efforts the next day because once spills dry, they become difficult to remove.

Note: Do not use vinegar or other acidic cleaning solution. Instead, wipe the surface with baking soda and water solution.

Next-Day Cleanup Checklist After a Party

Once you have completed critical chores, head towards attention-to-detail tasks that require time, energy and the right methods.

1. Clean Hard Surfaces Using A DIY Cleaner

Whether you have hosted a spooky Halloween Party or a Birthday Bash, you can’t overlook the mess and stubborn stains on the hard surfaces of your home. Get rid of candle wax stains, glitters, and other stains from the following surfaces:

  • Light switches
  • Window sills
  • Tables and chair handles
  • Doorknobs
  • Shelves and cabinet doors
  • Use distilled vinegar or hydrogen peroxide solution to tackle stubborn stains like a pro. Professionals also use tried and tested products when performing a meticulous bond cleaning Ipswich to help tenants impress their fussy landlord.

    2. Vacuum Delicate Floor Coverings and Upholstery

    Carpets, rugs and upholstery witness the most wear and tear during the party. So, it is good to vacuum them using a HEPA-filtered machine thoroughly. Use a brush attachment to trap loose dirt, food debris, crumbs, pet hair and glitters. Do the same with your plush upholstery furniture and keep dirt at bay.

    3. Deep Clean Your Kitchen

    You can thoroughly clean your kitchen area the next morning:

  • Clean the range hood filter
  • Wipe cabinets and cupboards
  • Wipe down your microwave, BBQ and oven using white vinegar solution
  • Clean the sink
  • Clean the garbage disposal
  • Disinfect the faucets
  • Empty trash cans
  • Sweep and mop the floor
  • You can use these simple yet effective tips and maintain healthy indoor air.

    4. Bathroom Cleaning is Essential

    After impressing your guests at the party, the next thing is to clean and disinfect your bathroom surfaces. Start by scrubbing toilet grout lines, wiping counters, disinfecting faucets, cleaning toilet bowl stains, etc are imperative to keep germs and bacteria at bay.

    Make sure you clean all bathrooms of a rental property when preparing for a final inspection. This can help you secure your hard-earned bond amount.

    5. Don’t Forget the Outdoor Area

    Did you host your party in the yard area? If yes, then clean it up as quickly as possible:

  • Hose down the deck for splatters and spills
  • Get rid of loose dirt from the patio area
  • Clean the stains from patio furniture using baking soda
  • Scrub the floor stains using a brush
  • Pressure-wash your home’s exterior, such as driveway and other concrete areas.
  • If you are preparing a rental property for a final inspection, hire professionals for a detailed bond cleaning Ipswich and get your full bond back without any conflict.

    Wrapping up

    These are great tips and tricks to make things easy when performing a post-party cleanup. Make sure you follow the right techniques and keep grime and stains at bay to maintain a healthy indoor environment after a party.