Holiday Cleaning Hacks: Simplify Your Season and Enjoy the Festivities

Holiday Cleaning Hacks: Simplify Your Season and Enjoy the Festivities

By : angelina
The holiday or festive season is all about delectable meals, joyous gatherings, dazzling decors and fun times. However, most people forget about the festive cleaning in the hustle and bustle of preparing meals, finding gifts, and creating a Christmas ambience at the abode.

Maintaining a clean, well-organised and inviting living space is important to set the tone for festivities. This can also help you leave a great impression on guests while keeping the potential germs and illness at bay during holidays.

With a proper schedule, you can easily manage the tedious process of an expert bond cleaning Ipswich if you are moving out of a rental property during the festival.

Here is a list of quick and easy holiday cleaning hacks to simplify your season and let you enjoy the festivities. Follow this guide and promote a visually appealing and healthy home.

1. Declutter As Much As you Can

A well-organised room looks spacious and cleaner. Getting rid of unnecessary items can reduce the dust and dirt around your home, saving you a lot of time and energy.

However, it is good to inspect all rooms and make a list of items you no longer need. Also, ensure you put everything, such as scattered books, toys, magazines, clothing, etc back in their designated spots.

This can instantly uplift the entire look and feel of your abode.

2. Stock up on a Handy Cleaning Kit

Many people rush to purchase a floor mop or a dusting tool at the last moment. This can be time-wasting during the holiday season. So, it is always good to arrange a handy cleaning caddy in advance.

Add all the basic cleaning tools, such as a mop, broom, scrubs, brushes and microfiber cloths and dusters with a an extendable handle to clean hard-to-reach areas.

For effective stain removals, prepare natural cleaning products at home with white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, lemon and baking soda. Pour all mixtures into separate spray bottles for instant use.

This will save you time and let you enjoy the festivities.

3. Involve Your Family and Make it a Fun Activity

You don’t need to take the entire stress of cleaning on your shoulders. Each and every family member should share different cleaning chores. You can involve kids and a partner to tackle clutter, dust, dirt, and grime and prep a house for a holiday party.

Transform monotonous chores into fun and engaging group activities. You can create fun games and offer small treats and rewards for completed chores. This will help develop a sense of responsibility and cleaning awareness among your kids.

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4. Clean Your Microwave in a Few Minutes

There is no denying that microwaves are the most-loved appliances in the kitchen. It is one of the most used things during the festive season. Make sure you keep it clean and disinfected to prevent the spread of lethal germs and bacteria. Here is a quick hack to remove stubborn stains, food gunk, burnt particles and grime from your oven:

  • Mix 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, ½ cup water and ½ cup of vinegar into a microwavable bowl.
  • Heat this mixture in your microwave for 2-3 minutes.
  • Do not open the door. Let the steam break down built-up grease and grime.
  • Wipe down the plates, sides and crannies using a cloth or sponge.
  • This will leave your beloved kitchen appliance smelling fresh in a few minutes.

    5. Follow a Daily Quick Cleaning Ritual

    Instead of spending hours in scrubbing stains or dislodging dust, you can focus on a 15-minute daily clean-up ritual during holidays. Spend a few minutes daily on the following tasks:

  • Removing dust from hard surfaces
  • Reducing clutter
  • Sweeping floors
  • Wiping down countertops
  • Tackling spills and splatters, etc
  • This will make a huge difference in simplifying your super-busy season. You can even add this in your New Year Cleaning Resolution and enjoy a clean house all year round.

    6. Use Smart Cleaning Gadgets

    Believe it or not! New-age cleaning gadgets can save hours while maintaining a clean abode. You can use:

  • A Robot vacuum cleaner: To keep floors and carpets clean while you are at work.
  • Smart Mops: Tackle spills and splatters from floors without any elbow grease
  • Window cleaning robots: To remove dust and grime from dust from window sills and frames.
  • You can use these gadgets to clean your home after party and save precious hours.

    7. Quickly Clean Your Bathroom

    Do not forget your bathroom when preparing your house for the holiday season. You can use a multi-purpose cleaner to get rid of soap scum, calcium deposits, toilet grime and stubborn stains.

    Scrub your showerhead, shower walls, tiles, tubs, counters, and other areas using a brush or sponge for a clean, sparkling look. It is good to do this before guests arrive at your place.

    Professionally-trained bond cleaners in Ipswich also follow a proper checklist when sprucing up bathrooms before the final rental inspection at the end of a tenancy.

    Wrapping Up

    Holiday cleaning can be boring and time-consuming for many people. However, the hacks mentioned above in this article will simplify your cleaning task while letting you enjoy the festivities to the fullest.